February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

Risks for cancer include genetics or heredity, the environment, and some behavior choices. Many cancers can be prevented through our choices.

The pie chart shows the estimated causes of cancer in the U.S.1 Tobacco accounts for about one-third of cancers and is the main cause of lung cancer deaths and head and neck cancers. Overweight and obesity are the second leading cause of cancer (20%). Overweight combined with a lack of physical activity and a poor diet, accounts for 35% of cancers.


Take steps to prevent cancer!
 Don’t Smoke. Avoid tobacco and secondhand smoke.
 Keep Fit. Maintain a healthy weight for your height.
 Stay Active – at least 30 min. of physical activity daily.
 Eat well – lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
 Get screened to detect cancer early.

Friday February 3rd is your day to wear red.


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“The C Word” is a news brief of the Georgia Cancer Center at
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1 Source: Wolin KY, Carson K, and GA Colditz. Obesity and Cancer. Oncologist. 2010. 15(6):556-565

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