In The Reformed Vampire Support Group, Catherine Jinks’ young adult novel gives a whole new look to vampires. They sleep all day. They have allergies. They’re so terribly normal. Except they live forever. And sometimes get stakes through the heart.

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Bitten at 15, Nina is a writer who crafts books based on her heroine Zadia Bloodstone, a glamorous, crime fighting, butt-kicking vampire. But being a real vampire is totally something else. As Nina says, “It’s like being indoors with the flu watching daytime television forever and ever.” To deal with all the problems of being a vampire, she’s part of a dysfunctional crew of vampires who have formed their own support group, aided by their human facilitator Father Ramon. The group members might not like each other, but they’re forced to work together when one of their members is staked. Who did it? And more importantly, is the vampire killer coming after the rest of the group? If you want a different take on all things vampire, the upside-down world in The Reformed Vampire Support Group has all the danger, suspense, and snark needed for a “can’t put down” book.