Creating a Citizen Science Journal for Nature Watching


What is Citizen Science Kits?

A Citizen Science Kit is a small box you can check out from our library that contains everything you need to help scientists answer questions they can’t answer without volunteers like you!  (Nobody knows everything but everyone knows something—that’s the power of citizen science! We all have something to add to help accelerate important research.)

You can live the dream by participating in Citizen Science. Citizen Science allows all people to participate in scientific projects by contributing data to scientific studies. Start your citizen science journey by checking out an Exploring Biodiversity or a Measuring Light in the Night citizen science kit from your local ARCPLS library branch (locations) to get started in citizen science.

If your not that big on measuring light, and would like to try a simpler approach like maybe hiking or birdwatching, you can also check out a handy guide on nature in Georgia by exploring biodiversity.

To make it even easier to keep up with what you’re finding, download your free journal for keeping up with your biodiversity findings here.