Dead Is The New Black


Why is Samantha “the Divine” Devereax suddenly dressing like a Goth and accessorizing with a coffin? Cheerleaders are going to the hospital with mysterious illnesses and dead girls are coming back to life. The quiet town of Nightshade is becoming dangerous for the beautiful and the popular.

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In Marlene Perez’s Dead is the New Black, Daisy is used to being on the outside looking in.  She is the only normal person in her psychically gifted family, and she doesn’t hang with any particular group at school. But she is curious. As Daisy investigates with her best friend Ryan, her maybe yes, maybe no boyfriend, she learns secrets about her town and finds out there is a psionic vampire on the loose who feeds on the souls of its victims. And it apparently has a taste for cheerleaders.

As Daisy morphs from bystander to popular girl, she also deals with changes in her family dynamic and the ups and downs of first love all the while sleuthing for the most likely suspext for the mysterious events.

If you fall in love with these characters and want the story to continue. Dead is the New Black is the first in the series. So, check this out in hard copy and pick it up through curbside service or download with your RBdigital account.