Preparing Our Youth to Head Back to School


9. Plan Your Commute Daily

There is nothing like getting in the car to go somewhere and you run into an unexpected traffic delay. So to avoid this inconvenience, use any GPS app and type in all destinations in your route and check to make sure there are no road closures, detours, or accidents that will prevent you getting to your destination in a timely manner.

10. Your Local Public Library is Your Friend

Your local public library is the ultimate learning hub. There are so many resources for any and everyone such as sources for writing papers, resources for developing resumes and cover letters, or tips for a success job interview, test prep for the SAT , ACT, AP Test, test prep for nursing, military, real estate, cosmetology and CDL exams, learning foreign languages and the list goes on. And did I    mention that these resources are free? Use the library to your advantage because they are there to help you succeed.

Hopefully these tips help and we are wishing everyone a health, safe, and productive school year from all of us at Augusta-Richmond County Public Library!