God Still Don’t Like Ugly


The second in a series, God Still Don’t Like Ugly by Mary Monroe lets us into the life of Annette, a woman who is on a crusade to lay to rest the ghosts of her past so she can be the strong no-nonsense person she wants to be. Her first challenge is visiting her father, who walked out of her life when she was small, to see if they can build a new relationship in spite of his betrayal.

Annette is making her peace with a past that includes sexual abuse and a botched abortion, but she is doing her best to put all these things behind her even though she has pushed one best friend out of her life and has a confusing relationship with the other.

While she has rebuilt her life with a steady job and a boring if steady fiancé, Annette has a nagging feeling that she should be reaching for something else. Should she rethink the relationship with her fiancé, build a relationship with her father’s second family, or reconnect with her best friend Rhoda who has moved back to town?

While she is pondering these questions, her secrets start to leak into her present life. Whatever happens, Annette has the gift of a mighty support group that includes her Muh’Dear, a cranky madam named Scary Mary, her new sister Lillimae, and her friends Rhoda and Pee Wee, a cast of vividly written characters who are as engaging as Annette herself.

Can Annette keep the best parts of herself while she deals with all the fallout her secrets will cause? More importantly, can she move on without choosing to carry secrets through the rest of her life? Find the answers to these questions in God Still Don’t Like Ugly. Get this as an e-book through Augusta-Richmond County’s LIBBY app today. For more information, call your local branch library or go to arcpls.org.