The Grimm Legacy


Elizabeth Rew would like a nicer family and a friend or two at her new school. But a little magic will make it all better, and bring friends and excitement to her life. The eBook Grimm Legacy by Polly Shuman is available for free with your library card through

After Elizabeth writes a paper in her history class about the Brothers Grimm, her teacher recommends her for a job as a page at the New York Circulating Repository. Elizabeth loves her new job taking care of all the assortment of objects – from vases to clothes to paintings – and is quickly promoted so she can have access to the Special Collections.

The Special Collections include the Grimm legacy, the magical things from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Want to use Snow White’s magic mirror? Borrow it. Need a cloak of invisibility? Check it out.  Elizabeth and the other pages, Marc, Anjali, and Aaron have been told to stay alert. Someone is stealing items from the magical collection and substituting fakes. When the kids come close to unveiling the thief, Anjali is kidnapped by an unscrupulous antiques dealer, Elizabeth, Marc, and Aaron have to set aside their rivalries, and use their wits – and some helpful magical objects to rescue Anjali and the head librarian Mr. Rust.

This book is a fairy tale in its own right with a modern prince and princess, mythical beasts and just enough suspense to keep the pages turning. Polly Shulman’s The Grimm Legacy is just the right “lighter than air” tale for a rainy summer afternoon. Find this read in hardcover from the library’s stacks or check out the e-book from the library’s RBdigital service.