I’ve Got Your Number


Sophie Kinsella has a real hit in I’ve Got Your Number.  It starts off fast and goes faster as we hop on the  roller-coaster life of Poppy Wyatt, a physiotherapist, who has just lost her family heirloom engagement ring. What will she tell her fiancé Magnus? Worse yet, what will she tell her disapproving in laws about losing this emerald and diamond stunner? In the middle of a meltdown, Poppy is mugged and her cell phone is stolen.

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Desperate for a phone, Poppy can’t believe her luck when she finds an abandoned cell phone in a litter bin. The phone had been the property of a ditzy personal assistant for an uber-busy corporate executive. But Poppy needs a phone number to recover her ring, so she keeps it rather than turning it into a lost and found.

Almost instantly, Poppy is hooked up to the life of wildly busy Sam. Having negotiated that Poppy may borrow the phone if she forwards all of Sam’s emails to him. she is sucked quickly into the role of a temporary personal assistant learning more and more about Sam while as the wedding day advances, she feels she knows less and less about Magnus.

On the days leading up to her wedding, rather than thinking bridal thoughts, Poppy gets sucked into solving a plot to oust Sam’s boss as head of the company.  As they spend more time together, Poppy realizes she is starting to have feelings for Sam. But Poppy is determined to nip those in the bud and keep her promise to Magnus. The reader is on the edge of their seat, wondering if Poppy walks down the aisle or not.

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