As Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust


As Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust is the sixth book in the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley. Don’t let the 12 year old heroine fool you, this series is meant for the mystery lover who likes lots of clues and confusion in their whodunits along with a clever detective to piece together the puzzle. Move over Poirot and Holmes, Flavia de Luce is here to join the club.

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Flavia de Luce is feeling put upon. She’s been banished from her beloved English home, Buckshaw, and her private chemistry laboratory, sent to the wilds of Toronto, Canada, and the confines of Miss Bodycote’s Academy, the boarding school attended by her late mother. Flavia is a “legacy” student trying to fill the legacy of her mother, but no one is upfront about just what this is.

The pre-teen detective is handed an intriguing puzzle on her first night at her new school. A body has fallen out of the chimney in her room wrapped in a Union Jack flag and blackened beyond recognition, and Flavia is immediately intrigued. The identity of the body is a mystery to be solved and Flavia vows to uncover the corpse’s identity. The three most obvious corpse candidates are one of the three missing students who’ve vanished and never been found.

Not only might there be a murderer at large, the school holds many secrets. Our detective finds herself part of a secret society which is training students to be spies or assassins, which one is left to Flavia and the reader to decide. Hampered by the lack of her loyal sidekicks and a chemistry lab to call her own. Flavia is unable to ask the direct questions which could solve the mystery and is forced to rely on deception and her own wits to reach the end of the labyrinth of clues and conjectures to the surprising solution of the identity of the unidentifiable body.

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