Murder Go Round


Who wouldn’t want to bid on a storage locker and find beautiful things to keep? Lee and her Aunt Ibby hit the jackpot in the first pages of Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry.

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Every piece of luck comes with a downside though.  These things have attracted a lot of negative attention starting with the dismantling of the old wooden horse that is part of the locker haul. The thieves leave behind a chilling clue, the body of a man garroted to death.

Her policeman boyfriend Pete tries to discourage Lee from getting involved in the case, but Lee is cursed with boundless curiosity, prodded along by mysterious visions only she can see. As Lee and Aunt Ibby piece together the clues in the items from the storage locker, they develop a theory that someone is hunting for an elusive, but priceless, treasure.

As the clues mount Lee and Ibby get closer to both the treasure and the murderer. Perry’s comfy cozy crime novel, part of a series that can be downloaded in Overdrive thought the LIBBY app. For more information, visit our website at or contact your local branch library.