No Man’s Land


No Man’s Land  by Sara Driscoll is part of her series her FBI K-9 series and features Meg Jennings and K-9 partner Hawk part of an elite Search and Rescue Unit. Their work can include anything from searching for missing persons to rescuing victims of natural disasters.

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But even intrepid crime fighters need a day off now and then so Meg and Hawk join friends Chuck and Webb for a fun day of urbexing in an abandoned psychiatric hospital.  Urbex is an extreme sport where participants hunt out derelict structures to explore, the more decayed the better.

The three humans think they are the only occupants in the abandoned complex, but Hawk and his keenly trained nose knows better. He leads the people straight to a murder victim.

Who would murder an elderly person and dump the body in an abandoned coal bin? And more importantly, does this case fit in with some recently reported cases where the victims have been dosed with rat poison and found in abandoned buildings?

Whatever the answers, Meg, Hawk, and their coworkers at the FBI’s Forensic Canine Unit are on the case now. Will they find their criminal before they find more bodies? As the teams continue to search for victims, the work takes them into situations where they risk their lives and the lives of their dogs to rescue as many of the victims as they can.

If you like your thrillers fast-paced, but low gore, No Man’s Land is just right. So go ahead and check it out on the LIBBY app with your PINES card today.