We Must Be Brave


We Must Be Brave, the American debut of author Frances Liardet, takes us through the life of Ellen Parr. The opening shows Ellen safely the wife of Selwyn Parr, Upton’s miller, at the beginning of the great love story she experiences for her foster daughter Pamela. Pamela has seemingly been abandoned on an evacuee bus from the burning city of Southampton.  With no one to take the little girl, Ellen fights to have Pamela left in her care.

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With Pamela and Selwyn to love and care for, Ellen starts to come to grips with her past as a riches to rags child stamped by hunger and desperation. As Ellen grows up, she makes some unlikely yet loving friends, like little toothless Lucy who struggles to learn the school lessons that come so easily to Ellen and William Kennett, the gardener at Upton Hall, who provides the children with a warm fire and patient understanding as they struggle with the challenges in their lives.

In spite of the war, Ellen has worked for a life that is far from the want and ugliness of her upbringing.  As the war progresses, the Parrs search for relatives that might have a claim to Pamela, whom Ellen has come to love more than life itself. When finally it looks like there will be no impediment to the Parrs and Pamela staying a family, Pamela’s father appears. How will Ellen survive if Pamela is ripped away?

We Must Be Brave shows how Ellen puts her life back together each time she suffers devastating loss. We remain mesmerized at where she goes and how she flourishes.  If you need an ordinary hero to bolster your day then Ellen’s story is sure to inspire you and perhaps make you examine your life for its brave moments.  Enjoy this ebook through Augusta-Richmond County Libraries Libby app today.  Contact your local branch library if you need assistance.